DHS NHS celebrates 61 years


Noah Davila, Managing Editor

This year marked the 61 annual NHS Induction Ceremony, but this year was nothing like the 60 years prior. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this ceremony had to follow social distancing guidelines, temperature checks, mask rules, and be the first ceremony not opened to the public, with only select teachers and parents invited.

“Not as many people could be there because of these restrictions, but all in all it went well,” Principal Derrick Byrd said. “It’s important to recognize our best students and their hard work.”

To accommodate those unable to come a live stream was set up by Coach Jim Sessions. “I have really enjoyed providing the live stream of all of these events,” Coach Sessions said. “It is a great way to showcase the students of DHS and what they can do.”

This was also the second year that all current NHS members got to choose one teacher to recognize during the ceremony.

“We don’t always know the impact that we have on these kids,” Mrs. Rebecca Fitch said. “Last year I got recognized by two students, and this year three, and sometimes a student will recognize you and you’d have no idea that you affected them like that.”

Covid has created a lot of setbacks this year, but it becomes everyone’s mission to beat the circumstances.

“It’s good to keep these events,” Mrs. Fitch said. “It may look a little different, but it’s important to maintain normalcy these days.”