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Welding class constructs stock trailer

Vanessa Oyola, Staff Writer

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This year’s senior welding class has been putting together a trailer to show during the stock show. They have been working on the trailer since late November.

“Hannah and the guys have been making progress every day to get the trailer ready to show,” senior Corben Boggs said.

One student in particular that has had a big part of putting the trailer together is Hannah Casas. She is the only female welder in the class, but enjoys it just as much as everyone else.

“The best part about putting together the trailer would have to be the welding part,” Casas said. “It really has taught me a lot and I got to use different types of welding in different positions.”

The class has faced challenges when putting the trailer together, but has been able to overcome them to get the whole thing finished before show time.

“The whole thing has been a challenge,” Ezekiel Aguero said. “Especially getting into the hard to reach places with the MIG welder.”

After the show, the welding class will be donating the trailer to the FFA club so that they can use it in future events.

“Making the trailer for the FFA was a good idea because the welding class made it and we put a lot of work into it,” Casas said.

They will exhibit the trailer in January at the Medina County Stockshow and then again in February at the San Antonio Stockshow.

“I’m hoping we can get everything together before the show and hopefully it goes well and everyone enjoys the hard work that went into it,” senior Jarred Wofford said.

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Welding class constructs stock trailer