Valedictorian – Halle Hagdorn


Once upon a time, a new band of kindergarteners set out on an epic journey. Their adventure began with the excitement of starting something new and the fear of the unknown, each with a backpack full of new school supplies as they confidently set out to conquer the world. The tale of this band of young friends is one of excitement. We, the class of 2020, are the writers of this adventure!

Every one of us has helped to create this story. Your role in this epic chronicle has made this story one of comedy, drama, romance, tragedy, inspiration, heartache, true crime, but above all historic. Who were your favorite characters? What was your favorite chapter? Each chapter has brought change and new challenges.

As I reflect on the last four years of our story, I am overwhelmed by the memories, emotions and support that the Devine community has shown our class. This town has given us opportunities, experiences and resources to be successful. The time spent here has been filled with laughter, tears and hard work which has contributed to who we are today.

I am sad to let go of such an important time in my life; however, I am even more excited to see what the future holds for each one of us. It is a great honor and privilege to represent the class of 2020 as the valedictorian. I cannot thank you all enough for being there for me, not only through the great times but the struggles as well. We have faced many challenges, hardships and obstacles, especially in the last few months of our high school careers. We have persevered through it all and will come out stronger in the end.

I would like to thank the DHS teachers, staff, coaches and administration for believing in us over the years. Without a doubt, I know we would not be where we are today without their guidance as we carry on with the rest of our lives. While high school may seem like the end of our story, it is just a small chapter in our lives. From this point on, your story will continue. You have the power and choice to make it great. Devine will always be our hometown. As we move forward, I hope we can all carry a piece of Devine with us.