Year-round athletes

Club sports offer college exposure, fun

Madison Mata, Managing Editor

For many high school athletes, their favorite sport’s season never ends.

After their school season is over, athletes who participate in select sports don’t have to wait for the season to roll around again because they compete on another team year-round.

“Volleyball is an outlet for me to relieve stress and to have fun,” sophomore Aleyna Gerlach said. “The school season was not long enough to help me through the whole year. Luckily, I started playing club, and I’ve learned so much ever since.”

Not only are athletes playing year round to stay active in their sport, some play in hopes to extend their athletic career into a collegiate level.

“I have a pure love for the game of softball, but another reason I play select softball is for college exposure,” junior Allyson Taylor said. “I’m on a team called Texas Bombers that travels all around Texas and sometimes out of state, in order to be seen by college scouts from across the country.”

While playing a sport they enjoy, athletes are also exposed to new teammates, new coaches and diverse opponents.

“Learning new materials, new plays and meeting different people are definitely my favorite parts of club volleyball,” sophomore Darian Alvarez said. “Being surrounded by the different environment in club from my coaches and teammates helped me learn that sometimes it’s okay to make mistakes.”

Another difference athletes competing in select sports can experience is traveling and seeing different places.

“If it wasn’t for joining my club team, I would have never traveled to Florida,” sophomore Brianna Torres said. “We went to compete in the National AAU Volleyball Tournament, and it was such a fun and exciting experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

Although many athletes play select sports for college exposure and self-improvement, some play just for fun.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid,” junior Zachary Alvarez said. “We don’t have a soccer team at school, so I decided to join a small soccer team that my friend organized in an association in San Antonio. I just wanted something to keep me busy and entertained after cross country and during the summer, and I’m getting to play a sport I love.”