Student manages Arabians all 4 years


Senior Leah Herrera

Josephine Taitano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

During basketball games, everybody’s eyes are on the players as they dribble, weave and shoot their way to victory. As part of the team, senior Leah Herrera contributes to the team’s success. However, her role keeps her off the court because she is the Varsity girls basketball manager.

“My perspective is different from an athlete’s or audience member’s perspective,” Herrera said. “I get to see the athletes’ improvement through practices, not just games.”

Herrera has been a manager since her freshman year. She first decided to be the manager to keep her busy.

“I did it because I didn’t have anything else to do,” Herrera said. “I thought it would be fun.”

She became a part of the team, attending every team event with the athletes.

“I’m friends with all of them,” Herrera said. “I think I got closer to them by being at all their practices, team dinners, games and tournaments.”

Herrera was the freshmen girls manager during her freshman year. The next year, she was both the JV and Varsity girls manager.

“Throughout the years I think I’ve gained Coach J’s trust, as well as more responsibilities,” Herrera said.

The manager’s responsibilities include bringing supplies, such as the first-aid kit, to games and filming the team as they play. In addition, Herrera sets up the gym for games and tournaments.

“It’s one of my favorite things to do,” Herrera said. “The gym always looks so good once I get done setting it up.”

Herrera recommends a managing position for those who are not involved in sports.

“Freshmen, if they’re not in any other sports, should try managing,” Herrera said. “They will get to see the team grow from a manager’s perspective.”