Oropezas’ front yard strawberry farm


Senior Isaiah Oropeza

Josephine Taitano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Poteet is known as the “Strawberry Capital of Texas.” As residents of Poteet, the Oropeza family contributes to the town’s supply with a strawberry farm in their front yard.

“We actually had one last year,” Mrs. Julie Oropeza said. “My father-in-law always grew them and we have good land for it, so we gave it a shot.”

This year, the Oropezas used more land to plant the crops compared to last year.

“There is an association in Poteet that planted it for us,” senior Isaiah Oropeza said. “We just had to ask for them to come by and set it up.”

After the organization planted the 2,400 strawberry crops, the family was responsible for the farm’s maintenance.

“One day, I came home and there were all these rows of strawberries planted,” freshman Bailey Oropeza said. “I think our grandpa wanted us to experience it.”

The farm chores, which include watering and weeding, do not interfere with the family’s schedule.

“I don’t really like taking care of the plants, but once we get the strawberries, they taste pretty good,” Bailey said.

Every year, the Poteet Strawberry Festival celebrates the town’s strawberry crops.

“Some of our strawberries will be sold at the festival,” Isaiah said. “I think Poteet’s trying to encourage more people to farm strawberries because there’s been a decline in production.”

According to the festival’s official website, the demand for Poteet strawberries outweighs the supply.

“There’s lots of stuff you can do with them, like making pies and other deserts,” Isaiah said. “The most popular use of Poteet strawberries at the festival is strawberry shortcake.”

The festival includes a contest where judges determine who grew the best strawberries.

“The contest is popular for farmers and growers to do,” Isaiah said. “I don’t know if we’re going to enter the competition, though.”