Students give blood

Destiny Moralez, Staff Writer

Three or four times a year, South Texas Blood and Tissue Center comes to the high school so students can donate blood.

“Since I give blood every time, I always get a call a week or two before the blood center comes to the school, and they ask if I want to set an appointment to get signed up early,” senior Clarissa Zamora said.

It is estimated that every three seconds someone needs blood. Every day the blood donation center must collect 300-350 pints of blood to have a stable blood supply.

“Giving blood is a small way I can help those in need,” senior Halle Hagdorn said. “Knowing that I can save lives is such a good feeling.”

If one plans on giving blood, it is suggested that the donors eat a nutricious breakfast and drink plenty of water so they don’t get nauseous or lightheaded.

“I always make sure I eat a good breakfast or lunch depending on when I give blood so I don’t end up passing out,” senior Leah Herrera said.

After the donor gives blood it is recommended that the bandage stays on the arm for the next five hours, drink extra fluids for the next couple of days, and lie down with their feet up so they don’t get lightheaded.

“After I give blood I make sure I really don’t do too much and drink plenty water and Gatorade because I don’t want to overwhelm my body,” senior Leonard Pompa said.

Athletes in season are not allowed to donate because it prevents them from participating in physical activities due to the side effects caused by donation.

“It’s sad that I can’t donate blood when I’m in a sport because you aren’t allowed to do any physical activates,” senior Jasmine Pompa said. “When I’m in offseason, I try to always donate blood to make up for the times that I couldn’t.”