60th NHS induction includes teacher recognitions


Senior Christian Hernandez chose to recognize Mrs. Rosanne Lopez at the ceremony.

Josephine Taitano, Co-Editor-in-Chief

For the 60 annual NHS induction ceremony, second year members recognized teachers that impacted their lives by presenting them with a certificate and a yellow rose.

“I think it was a good addition to the NHS ceremony,” chemistry teacher Rebecca Fitch said. “I was surprised because as teachers it’s very rare to know how we impacted our students.”

Current members were each asked to write a short speech expressing their appreciation for one teacher. Teachers that were recognized were sent an invitation to attend the induction ceremony.

“When I got the invitation, it was very humbling to know that a student wanted to outwardly recognize me for something I’ve done,” Mrs. Fitch said.

Principal Derrick Byrd suggested adding the teacher recognitions to the ceremony. He saw how another school incorporated the recognitions to make the ceremony “more meaningful.”

“The reason we did it was twofold,” Mr. Byrd said. “It recognized teachers because teachers get little recognition. It also allowed students to look back and recognize contributions that others made to their education.”

Speeches honored teachers for emphasizing traits like responsibility both in the classroom and beyond.

“I chose Mrs Dudley because she taught me to be responsible,” senior Hannah Stolzman said. “She always holds me accountable because she reminds me to turn things in on time and report to Student Council meetings.”

Inductees were reminded of the effort that teachers and coaches put into their students.

“I feel that it was cool to see how many teachers and coaches at our school left such an impact on other students,” junior Laurel Spannagel said. “It was a great way to honor and remind our educators how important they are to us.”

After teacher recognitions, the NHS officers inducted new members.

“The induction ceremony was pretty cool,” senior Anthony Limon said. “I like being part of a select group. It’s an honor.”

The NHS promotes four values: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Students inducted into the NHS represent the highest level of achievement at the school.

“These students put the most into their education,” Mr. Byrd said. “They are the most successful students at the school.”