A chance to give back

Allyson Gonzales, Kaylah Hollembeak, Staff Writers

High school students who are eligible to donate blood, have the ability to save lives through the school blood drive.


“The blood drive is there for those who need blood transfusions,” sophomore Brooke Runyan said. “It’s perfect for the high school because there are many students who want to participate.”


Those involved in the student council, volunteer to assist in the blood drive.


“We get people to sign up for the drive and when it’s time for them to donate we get them out of class,” sophomore Pauline Calame said. “This is my third time volunteering and giving snacks out to the donators.”


There was a total of three blood drives this school year. After each student finishes donating their blood, they’re given snacks to make sure they gain back what they lost.


“Snacks like Chex Mix, trail mix, and pretzels help the donators feel better and regain strength.” senior Quentin Zapata said.


Donating blood is a life-changing experience for students and opens up a new opportunity to give to those in need.


“I’m glad I chose to donate my blood,” sophomore Candace Jay said. “I wanted to help those in need and also see what blood type I am.”