Learning about plants

Josephine Taitano, Staff Writer

Students have the opportunity to learn about plant growth with lectures and projects in the Advanced Plant and Soil Science class.

“This class is actually more hands-on compared to other classes,” junior Taylor Crossland said. “I think that hands-on work is better than paperwork because it’s more visual.”

Course material covers soil types, plant anatomy and growth, planting styles, topography and fruit and vegetable production. Because it is an advanced class, students are required to take Principles of Agriculture as a prerequisite.

“This class is good for anyone who needs their advanced science credit or anyone who is interested in agriculture,” agriculture teacher Adrianna Segura said.

Class time is spent both inside and outside by the greenhouse.

“We usually start by going outside to work on where we plant, then we go inside,” junior Kaylee Howard said. “Mrs. Segura teaches us about plants and how they grow and how to get everything ready to plant.”

To give students a practical usage for their lessons, the class plants several project gardens a year next to the greenhouse.

“We grew oats on our own plot,” senior Truett Barron said. “Also, we have a spring garden in the works. We tilled the root systems out because the spring garden will go in the same spot. We’re going to grow watermelons, squash, bell peppers, potatoes and strawberries.”

The material covered in the class can also be applied to disciplines outside the classroom, including in one’s high school or adult career.

“I took it because I’m an FFA officer and I have to take an agriculture class,” junior Sydnie Harrell said. “I’m also in Nursery Landscape, which is an FFA competition and the class helped with the contest. I’m glad that I’ve learned about plants and plant systems.”