Bethany’s trip abroad


Bethany Dominguez

Allyson Gonzales, Staff Writer

Spring break was a special one for senior Bethany Dominguez, as she spent it traveling abroad.

Dominguez traveled to Italy and visited Rome, Florence, and Assisi all in one week with art teacher, Ms. Nora Rodriguez, as the sponsor. Each year, Ms. Rodriguez offers this trip to students.

“I was interested in this trip because it included my passions, which are my love for art and travel,” Dominguez said. “This experience was by far one that I will remember for years to come.”

This adventure brought encouragement and motivation to Dominguez, as she dreams to be someone that makes a difference in the world.

“I learned a lot about the history of Florence and Rome,” Dominguez said. “As well as getting to experience the culture first hand.”

Within these cities, Dominguez experienced the famous Colosseum, the Vatican, and Roman Forum. Along with two art museums named the Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze, or, Gallery of the Academy of Florence.

“Though this is only the beginning,” Dominguez said. “This trip made me hopeful for a life filled with more adventures.”

Bethany Dominguez