Ice cream for seniors

First of many events for class of 2019


Brianna Bowyer, Staff Writer

Seniors had the opportunity to attend the ice cream social on Monday, April 8 after school from 4:00-5:30, held by the Current Events Club and hosted by Martha Wall.

“My husband and I, former DHS teachers, enjoy honoring the DHS senior class,” Mrs. Wall said. “I’m glad to be a part of the unique traditions here in Devine, we hope the seniors enjoyed the evening as much as the club members, my husband and I did.”

The social has been around for many years and has evolved over time. When the social began, it was a tea party for the girls and now ice cream is served for everyone.

“The Devine Current Events Club has hosted the senior class ice cream social at my house for the past three years,” Mrs. Wall said. “It has long been a tradition to serve ice cream and cookies; we made a change to ice cream floats just a few years ago.”

When the seniors arrived they signed in and put on nametags so that everyone would know each other.

“We put name tags on so that everyone could get to know each other,” senior Dulce Rodriguez said. “I also had fun getting to know the Current Events Club, they were very sweet and made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Many events were offered, games like word searches, name the baby, and several yard games kept the seniors involved and entertained.

“I played a few games of horseshoes,” senior Jose Seguin said. “I had a lot of fun teamed up with Newt and we ended up winning a few times.”

The main event of the social was when Principal Derrick Byrd announced the seniors and a biography about them.

“It was bittersweet hearing Mr. Byrd say everyone’s favorite memory,” senior Sara Moreno said. “I definitely learned new things about my classmates and will remember them when I leave for college.”

Senior Joey Seguin throwing horse shoes.
A group of seniors enjoying ice cream.

Overall, the seniors enjoyed their first senior year event, hanging out and spending time together.

“Starting senior events really put me in a new mindset,” senior Alissa Stehle said. “I realized that everything is coming to an end, and the Ice Cream Social was just the beginning of the last few times this class will be together.”