Medical field knowledge

Paige Williamson, Staff Writer

The Anatomy class has been learning how to suture on different objects. They started off on a banana peels and then moved on to a simulated heart bypass surgery.

“I really appreciated the fact that we got to do something hands on to reinforce our lesson over the cardiovascular system,” junior Josephine Taitano said. “I plan on being in the medical field and getting to see the heart up close doing the sutures gives a greater understanding on how these procedures work.”

The suturing lab is a role-play activity that allows students to see they performing the role of a health care worker. The University of Texas Health and Science has an outreach program that engages high school student’s interests.

“The kids have fun, it’s challenging, and it does lead some students to consider the idea of a career in the medical field,” Anatomy teacher Mary Long said. “I love watching students have fun learning, asking lots of questions, and being challenged.”

Suturing is necessary to perform a simulated heart bypass surgery on a sheep heart. This activity had concluded the Anatomy lesson over cardiovascular system.

“It takes time and practice to master the sutures, but it’s still fun when we get to do it,” junior Carla Torres said. “Suturing is just something that you can take with you anywhere knowing that if it is needed you have the knowledge to perform that procedure.”

Within the lesson the students must know the major vessels of the heart and the coronary circulatory system in order to complete the lab.

“I love it when they are so proud of themselves for finally getting it figured out,” Mrs. Long said. “Or when they say, ‘Mrs. Long I got it!’ With a big smile on their face.”