Road work rage

Madison Mata, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the school year, construction on Highway 173 continues to upset students.

“I hate the road work because it makes driving so difficult,” senior Sierra Pompa said. “I thought it was going to last a week or two, but it’s been under construction since the first months of school.”

With an increase of traffic, the roadwork has been an inconvenience for students.

“I have been late to school and doctors appointments because of the construction,” sophomore Allyson Taylor said. “The whole thing is a mess and I can’t wait until the road is finished.”

Along with slower traffic, road workers and machinery, the construction has resulted in potholes and bumps.

“The potholes and bumps affect my tires and the bottom of my car,” junior Jasmine Pompa said. “Because my car sits so low, if I don’t slow down in time my car gets scraped at the bottom.”

Travelling further down Highway 173 towards Hondo, the potholes continue which can be dangerous with the speed limit being 70 miles per hour.

“Almost everyday there’s a new pothole,” sophomore Denton Zuercher said. “If you’re not familiar with the road, it can be pretty scary and hitting a pothole going that fast can cause quite some damage to a car.”

Students are hopeful that the road will be fixed soon, resulting in the end of the construction.

“The construction is getting very annoying,” sophomore Brianna Bowyer said. “Hopefully it will end sometime soon.”