Honoring the military in a creative way

Brooke DuBose, Staff Writer

Every other week a new project is assigned to students in art class. Currently, students are to illustrate a drawing or painting that honors those in the military and veterans.

“The project is a great way to get the students engaged and to honor our veterans,” art teacher Nora Rodriguez said. “It’s a project that has meaning and value behind it and I know the students really take pride in working on it.”

Not only is the project just for the class, but it’s also part of a local competition. The competition is around Medina County and the top 3 winners receive cash prizes. The competition is ran by the Lady’s Auxiliary, which is a group of ladies from the VFW

“The Lady’s Auxiliary contacted me and told me about the competition. They really encouraged that the students enter the competition because it’s a fun competitive environment,” Mrs. Rodriguez said. “The students have been working really hard too because they know there are cash prizes involved.”

For some students, the project isn’t about winning, but depicting something bigger than a prize.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do from the start,” sophomore Robert Ramirez said. “I drew a soldier that has seen and been through the war. His eyes looked like he had seen something horrific. War definitely isn’t something to be taken likely and I wanted to show that in the elements of my drawing.”

One student had something in mind that would benefit those affected by war. Sophomore Kaylah Hollembeak plans on donating half of the prize money to the Wounded Warriors Project if she wins.

“I know the impact post-war has on many veterans and how the problems they face are so easily over-looked by society simply because turning a blind eye is easier than putting yourself out there to help those affected,” Hollembeak said. “There is always time and a way to help others even if it’s not a lot.”