Scholarship opportunites


Kaylah Hollembeak, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner and for most seniors college is up next. College fees and tuition easily add up and are a lot to cover without the help of student loans and scholarships, that’s why lots of scholarships are available to seniors to help cover the pricey cost of college.


“I’m applying for scholarships because I want to make my debt less than if I were to not apply for scholarships,” senior Sierra Pompa said. “I’m going to be mainly applying for leadership-based scholarships.”


There are so many different scholarships available, each student can find which one best fits their needs.


“It’s a privilege to be able to apply for a variety of scholarships,” senior Shelby Spivey said. “It provides us with opportunities that contribute to our futures.”


Not all scholarships have to involve academic success or extra curricular activities. There are many scholarships available to students who have hobbies or interests.


“I’m applying for the Doodle for Google scholarship,” senior Kyleigh Delaney said. “I have to design and enter a logo for Google. If I win the logo is used for a week and win $30,000 for college.”


If you are interested in applying for scholarships, stop by the office and see what scholarships are available for you.