Warhorses advance to playoffs

Brooke DuBose, Staff Writer

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With a record of 12-12, the Warhorses have advanced into playoffs.

“So far in the season we’ve done pretty decent,” junior Kam’eren Adams said.  “We’ve come a long way and are improving each and every day.”

With teams such as Fredericksburg  and Cole, the Warhorses have faced some tough competition.

“We’ve faced some pretty tough teams, and even though we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, we’ve improved and have learned from our mistakes,” junior Leonard Pompa said. 

  After last year’s seniors graduated, and with a new season in progress, spots on varsity needed to be filled. Some of those positions were filled by underclassmen.

“My first year on varsity comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s a lot of fun,” sophomore Mason Burford said. “We are all focused on playoffs.”

The Warhorses have improved since the start of the season, and will advance into playoffs.

“We have played our best so far this season,” Pompa said. “If we continue how we have been playing we have a good shot at winning a couple games in playoffs.”

Last Friday, Feb. 8, the Warhorses faced the Hondo Owls. With teamwork and dedication, the Horses defeated the Owls with a final score of 54-52.

“The game was really intense but really fun and competitive at the same time,” sophomore Justin Contrereas said. “It was a big game for us, and I’m glad with the outcome we had.”