Trip to McNay

Art students get chance to learn away from school

Allyson Gonzales, Staff Writer

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This year, the art students were given the opportunity to travel to the McNay Art Museum.

“Some have never even been to a museum,” art teacher Nora Rodriguez said. “They actually got to see art in person.”

The McNay left an unexpected impression on the attendees. Not only did it strike a spark in their imagination, but reminded them of their love for art.

“The visit to the McNay this year was by far one of the best visits out of all of my four years attending the trip,” senior Bethany Dominguez said. “It was a real eye opening experience for me because it made me realize just how much of a passion I have for art, especially viewing it.”

The McNay is not just a reminder of the passion and love for it. Art is also a journey through history, showing just how valuable it truly is.

  “I think art has always been in my life,” senior Andy Cordova said. “No matter what I do, it’ll always affect the aspect on my life and culture.”

The students that travelled were reminded just how different people’s point of views can be, and were able to see just how some people connect.

   “The McNay impacted me a lot through its endless supply of art,” Cordova said. “It teaches me that no matter how much you explore a museum, you just can never truly see it all.”