Picking up hobby

Kaylah Hollembeak, Staff Writer

For two years, sophomore Michael Cubriel has been playing the bass guitar. He decided to pick up bass guitar because of band.

“I started playing because band helped me learn a lot with music,” Cubriel said. “I realized I can begin learning how to play on my own.”

Instead of creating his own music and songs, he takes lessons on how to play the bass guitar and gets most of his inspiration from listening to Jazz music.

“I don’t make my own music,” Cubriel said. “I kind of improvise tracks and add my own additions.”

Cubriel has also been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for fun to upload covers of him playing the bass guitar to the songs he improvises.

“I really want to start a channel,” Cubriel said. “I think it will give me something to do with the music I’m playing.”

Recently, Cubriel attended an event at a museum in downtown San Antonio on Thursday, Jan. 24. The event was an art exhibit featuring a 16-year-old local artist.

“It was a pretty cool experience to play at a  museum,” Cubriel said. “I played the bass guitar, while the artist had his showing for his painting.”