Lifting season begins

Alissa Stehle, Staff Writer

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With weeks of preparation, powerlifting has finally begun with new lifters and few returners who are leading the way and setting an example.

“As a senior, I make sure to be an example for the young lifters and make sure they know that I’m here to help and cheer them on,” senior Jessie Ramirez said.

The boys and girls have had multiple meets so far, some at Texas Strength Systems and one at Somerset.

“I did a lot better at Somerset than I did at the first meet,” junior Joseph Hernandez said. “I feel like I could definitely improve by lifting more weight this upcoming meet.”

For some lifters, this is their first year competing in powerlifting.

“So far, I am really enjoying it,” junior Isabella Gutierrez said. “Every week I prepare myself to have a positive mindset and getting every lift completed.”

Along with any other sport, lifters have a set routine while getting ready for lifts. They have to lock themselves in and focus on what really matters: completing the lift.

“I always have to get angry and focus on pulling the weight right before I actually lift,” sophomore Evan Priest said. “As of now, I am lifting more and more weight every meet, and I plan to keep improving.”

Though not everyone is placing at every meet, many weight totals keep improving throughout every meet.

“I am very proud of the kids and how they are competing so far,” coach Devin Rotramel said. “They’ve worked very hard.”

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