Few courts too short

Karli Geyer, Staff Writer

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As all teams do, the tennis team has struggles and obstacles that they must work around daily. One of the most obvious being only having four courts to play and practice on.

“I think the hardest part of tennis is being restricted to only four courts,” senior Scarlett Smith said. “We don’t have a lot of room to practice drills because we also share the courts with the JV team.”

All of the tennis teams, middle school and high school, boys and girls, JV and Varsity, share four courts. Because of this, the practice schedule is extensive and stretched through the evenings so every team has time to practice.

“Because we only having four courts to practice on, we have to have split times between the teams,” senior Rafael Rios said. “We don’t get to practice a full two hours because we start so late since the other teams practice earlier.”

Due to the limited court space, the team is unable to host tournaments. Each match takes between one hour and one and a half hours. Since there are four courts, it is estimated to take approximately two full days or more to complete a tournament. There has never been a tournament held at the four courts.

“We have to travel at all of our tournaments, which means there are times when we have to leave the school as early as 5:30 in the morning,” senior Preslee Quisenberry said. “It would be nice to be able to stay here for a tournament.”

Without the necessary courts, the team is unable to meet the new demand of tennis players.

“Aside from the current courts condition going down hill, having more courts would be beneficial  to our team leading to more efficient practices and us being able to hold tournaments,” sophomore Brooke Runyan said. “Tennis is a growing sport here, and with more courts there would be opportunity to get better as a team.”

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