Students become Pharmacy Technicians

Jo Taitano, Staff Writer

A new pharmaceutical technician class began this semester. It gives seniors the opportunity to receive official certification needed to get a job as a pharmaceutical technician.

“This class was started to give students another opportunity for workforce certification before graduating,” pharmaceutical technician teacher Debi Petty said. “If they pass the test, students can go directly into the field as a pharmacy tech.”

The class, which lasts for a semester, will cover the material found in the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, or PTCE.

“The class is set to go through a series of modules and tests as certification prep to take the national certification test,” Mrs. Petty said.

Students take the class online. The coursework is divided into different sections of material, which each contain videos, quizzes and tests.

“The class is really chill because you work at your own pace,” senior Emma Casas said. “We watch videos on pharmacy laws and rules.  After the videos, we take a quiz.”

Unlike other medical careers such as a nurse or doctor, a pharmacy technician job does not require any college degree. However, it is preferred that applicants for the job have certification.

“I always knew I wanted to go into something in the medical field, but I didn’t want to go to school for very long, so I thought that taking this class would be a better option,” senior Maycee Howard said.

Pharmacy technician jobs can be found in supermarkets, drug stores and hospitals, and work flexible hours. The job requires knowledge in medical safety and other skills prevalent in health careers, which the class provides.

“Anybody who is interested in going into any health career should take the class,” Mrs. Petty said. “Even if they’re not going into a pharmacy career, it’s a good class to take because it’s got plenty of medical terminology in it.”