Signing with Schreiner


Kayla Signs with her family and coach standing behind her.

Karli Geyer, Staff Writer

Kayla Signs with her family and coach watching.

To continue her athletic career, senior Kayla Busby signs with Schreiner University to play golf.

“I chose Schreiner because the other schools that asked me to paly for them were all out of state,” Busby said.

Busby’s golfing career began at a young age. Over time, and as she improved, it became her favorite sport.

“I started playing when I was little,” Busby said. “I quit for a while, then picked it up again and fell in love.”

Busby was introduced to the sport by her dad. He owns the golf course in Hondo, so she is able to practice frequently.

“My dad first introduced me to playing golf,” Busby said. “I am able to ask my dad for help and I’m able to go to Hondo whenever.”

During the signing, Kayla was joined by her teammates, coaches, and closest friends and family.

“I was glad that all my family and friends who have helped me through my golf career could celebrate that day with me,” Busby said.

After she signed, both teams that Busby is a part of took pictures with her including the golf team and the cheer squad.

“Seeing Kayla sign made me feel so proud to be one of her best friends,” senior Tayler Rice said. “She has worked so hard to get to where she is today. Her motivation is so inspiring.”

Her golf teammates are also proud of her and glad to have been there throughout her golfing journey.

“I am really happy for Kayla,” senior Preslee Quisenberry said. “She has worked really hard for this.”