Sound of giving back

NHS members ring bell for Salvation Army donations


Sydnie Harrell, Staff Writer

Several NHS members signed up to earn community service hours and make an impact by raising money for the less fortunate.

“Ringing the bell at Walmart sounded like a good way to do something for others,” junior Victoria Whitaker said. “I was able to earn hours and do something influential.”

Whitaker and juniors Jasmine Pompa, Veronica Silva and senior Rosa Gonzales signed up to ring the bell by the donation bucket in front of Walmart. Juniors Esperanza Mendoza, Brianna Bernal, seniors Lorena Chavera and Andy Cordova also signed up to ring the bells.

“I was able to give my time to help the community,” Whitaker said. “I enjoyed getting to see so many familiar faces and meeting new people.”

Each member had their own reason for choosing to give their time other than getting community service hours.

“I volunteered to ring the bell because I wanted to help people that are less fortunate,” Pompa said. “It was cool that so many people donated and talked to us. Getting hours was just a plus.”

Everyone who signed up worked a shift that lasted from two to four hours. They had the option to split the time with a partner.

“I worked for two hours straight,” Pompa said. “The sound of the bell ringing is stuck in my head, but it was worth it. I got to hear a lot of interesting stories from people who donated and talked to us.”

Silva and Gonzales will be ringing the bells on Wednesday, Dec. 19. Ringing the bells is just a small impact members can make because they are able to raise money for people who need help from the Salvation Army during the holidays.

“I’m excited to ring the bells,” Silva said. “It’s an easy way to spread Christmas cheer and help others in need.”