Newly inducted

Brianna Bowyer, Staff Writer

Thirty-seven students were inducted to the National Honor Society on Nov. 14.

“It was a huge honor getting inducted with my peers,” junior Jasmine Pompa said. “We all work very hard to get the best grades and it was awesome to see it all pay off.”

During the ceremony, the current NHS officers came together for the lighting of the candles. After they told what each candle represented, they lit their candle.

“Each candle that was lit had a specific character quality that the NHS members represent,” senior Kayla Busby said. “The lighting of the candles is a big part of the induction ceremony.”

Each student was individually called up on to the stage. After being announced, the inductee shook each of the officers’ hands and received a certificate and pin.

“Hearing my name as it was announced to the crowd was a great honor,” junior Sydnie Harrell said. “I believe this accomplishment will help my peers and I achieve bigger goals in the future.”

After the inductees received their certificates and pins, they recited the NHS pledge, lead by President Abigail Kohlleppel.

“Saying the pledge for the new members to recite was truly an honor,” Kohlleppel said. “They made their promise to uphold the high standards that are expected when a part of the Honor Society and it was exciting to see the beginning of their membership.”

After the induction concluded there were an assortment of cookies and punch brought by current NHS members for the attendees to enjoy.

“I enjoyed spending time and getting to know the new inductees better,” senior Damian Martinez said. “It’s great to see more kids continuing to pursue success.”