Giving back through baking

FCCLA members decorate cookies, donate to staff members


At their annual Christmas party, FCCLA party attendees decorated cookies and donated them to staff members to thank them for all that they do for the school

“I felt like I was a good person when I was decorating the cookies to give away,” sophomore Amanda Byrd said. “Some people aren’t fortunate enough to do fun stuff like this and we can.”

Throughout the year, FCCLA members raise awareness to a variety of topics and donate things back to the community through STAR events. Donating cookies was an additional way members chose to give back.

“This year, to raise awareness, Jamie Courtade and I are doing a project about teen suicide,” Byrd said. “We also decorated cookies and donated them to the staff at school to show them our appreciation.”

Along with taking the initiative to plan the party, President Abigail Kohlleppel brought up the idea of continuing to donate the cookies to staff members like they did the year prior. They want to thank the staff for continuously going out of their way to help students throughout the school year.

“Last year, our members had fun with the cookie decorations, so, this year, we kept the same idea,” Kohlleppel said.  “Our chapter likes to give back to people who do so much for our school.”

Not only did members get to decorate the cookies, they also got to eat from the assortment of snacks officers prepared. There was even a “Customize Your Own Hot Chocolate” bar.

“I was so excited when I saw the hot chocolate bar,” freshman Kelli Geyer said. “It was cute, and the hot chocolate was really good.”

There was a White Elephant gift exchange. People who wanted to play brought a gift to put in a pile. There is a process of picking and unwrapping the gifts. Everyone who played left with a gift.

“I was looking forward to the food and the gift exchange,” senior Lorena Chavera said. “Whoever wanted to participate brought a present to play the game and then went home with a gift.”

The party was a time for members to give back and spend time together outside of the regular meeting before winter break.

“We’re all so busy during the year that we don’t get to see everyone that often,” junior Charlize Benavidez said. “I think it’s so cool to see members come together at this time of year.”