Christmas at the farm


While walking into Devine Acres, one is overwhelmed with the sights of Christmas Trees, the smell of smoke from the s’more’s fire along with scents of coffee brewing from the Mason Jar Market and the welcoming faces of the employees.

Devine Acres Farm is known for its Christmas Tree cutting and Pancakes with Santa event. Along with the holiday festivities, this farm has impacted more than just the local community.

“When I walk into Devine Acres, I get really excited and happy,” senior Maycee Howard said. “It gets me in the Christmas spirit and it reminds me of all of the past memories I’ve made there.”

The farm has been a place where families cut down their tree and drink hot chocolate as a yearly tradition.

“My family and I have been going there since I was about seven years old,” sophomore Brianna Bowyer said. “Every year I look forward to be able to cut down the tree and drink hot cocoa while waiting with my family.”

Along with Devine Acres setting a ‘South Texas’ Christmas tone, it is the work place for 14 high school students.

“The benefit of having high schoolers is that they bring a lot of energy and excitement to the farm,” owner Debi Capps said. “We very much enjoy having them there because it helps us feel connected to the youth of the community.”

High schoolers spend their weekends working and enjoying one another’s company at the farm.

“My favorite thing about working there is that it doesn’t feel like a job when I’m enjoying it so much,” sophomore Mackenzie Schneider said. “I look forward to going and working with my friends and getting to help the little kids have fun.”

During Christmas time, one of the jobs high schoolers are hired for is to help with the tree portion of the farm. Their job is to help cut, measure, process and load the trees for many customers.

“I love getting to be involved with helping people get their Christmas Tree,” sophomore Justin Contreras said. “I always look forward to the environment the farm has.”

The Pancakes with Santa event is held for two Saturdays in December. During this event, families sign up online or at the admissions booth, and they enjoy eating pancakes while Santa goes around greeting families while listening to Christmas music.

“I like working Pancakes with Santa because it is rewarding to see kids having a fun time eating with their families while getting to visit Santa,” senior Shelby Spivey said.

Apart from the trees, the Mason Jar Market offers hot chocolate, coffee, fixings for s’mores and many Christmas decorations that can be purchased.

“Working in the Mason Jar Market is really fun because I absolutely love the people that I work with,” senior Karli Geyer said.

The farm is open for the month of October for Halloween, the weekend after Thanksgiving and most of December in spirit of Christmas, and two weekends before Easter.

“My favorite season is to work during the Christmas season,” senior Truett Barron said. “Everyone is always in a joyous mood, and I love to spread the Christmas spirit.”