Positive role models

Sydnie Harrell, Staff Writer

Varsity athletes had the opportunity to be a positive influence and a role model for children by going to the elementary and intermediate schools, having lunch with them and opening their car doors as they are dropped off for school.

“Having the little kids looking up to us whenever we’re cheering on the sidelines is one thing, but when they see us at their school, it means so much more to them,” senior Kayla Busby said.

Each child in grades kindergarten through fifth get a sheet of paper to keep with them during lunch that day where the high school athletes can sign their names.

“The kids are really energetic when we just walk in,” junior Caeden Alvarez said. “Their faces light up, and they can’t contain their excitement about us being there to sign their papers.”

Varsity cheerleaders, volleyball, cross country, tennis and football players have the chance to sign their ‘autographs.’ There is also a sock-hop in the gym where the high school students get to spend more time talking with the younger children.

“It was so cool to talk to the future Arabians and Warhorses,” senior Sara Moreno said. “I love seeing the kids get excited to see us.”

Varsity football and volleyball athletes also open car doors a few times throughout the year at the drop-off circle for elementary and intermediate students to start their day off positively.

“We open the doors for the kids when they’re getting dropped off because they look up to us and we want to set a positive example for them,” junior Gabriella Rodriguez said. “As Arabians, we want to set the best example so the kids know how to act.”

Athletes get to see children they saw at the signing when they open the doors and thank the parents for the support they give the players.

“Welcoming the children to school by opening their car doors is our way of thanking our community for their support,” junior Clarissa Zamora said. “It’s just a small gesture we can do to show our gratefulness.”