Music is life

Kaylah Hollenbeak, Staff Writer

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Music has been a huge part of senior Madalyn Zamorano’s life since she was a young girl. After hearing an Ed Sheeran song in 5th grade, she was inspired to start writing and creating her own songs and music.

“The song was called ‘You need me, I don’t need you’ ” Zamorano said. “The song is beautiful.”

The song had a beautiful ring to it, and Zamorano felt she wanted to create her own music that could make others feel the same way. One day after watching her grandmother play the guitar, she picked it up herself and has since taught herself to play the guitar, piano, rings, and the ukulele.

Along with her own instruments, Zamorano plays the snare drum in the DHS marching band drum line. She began to play in the school band when she was in 6th grade, and has been a part of the marching band since she began high school in 2015.

“I started playing in band when I was in 6th grade,” Zamorano said. “I absolutely fell in love with it and the whole experience of doing what I love most.”

Music runs in Zamorano’s blood, quite literally, for her oldest sister sings, along with her aunt. They both inspired her to find her own passion.

“Growing up I would always watch them sing,” Zamorano said. “ I was always fascinated and inspired to find my voice as well.”

To share her music and story with the world, Zamorano created a YouTube channel in early 2018. The platform gives her the opportunity to connect with others who share the same love for music and creating it.

“Music means you can express yourself and connect with words,” Zamorano said. “Everyone has their story, music allows you to tell and connect your own.”

Writing and creating music is Zamorano’s passion, for she hopes to turn it into a career someday. She wants to share and connect her stories with others through the lyrics when she is creating songs.

“Whether a good or bad day, music connects through emotions rather than words,” Zamorano said. “You never know what you can learn from others.”

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