Awareness across campuses

Sydnie Harrell, Staff Writer

Celebrated across the nation, Red Ribbon Week is a time that students and staff members show the importance of drug and alcohol prevention.

“Showing the consequences of what can happen if you do drugs or drink throughout Red Ribbon week is an effective way to get the message of awareness out there,” junior Clarissa Zamora said.

There is a theme each day of the week students can dress up to show that they are choosing to be drug and alcohol free.

“I loved dressing up in a college shirt on college day because it allowed me to show my Aggie pride,” junior Savanna McGee said. “I want to go to Texas A&M in the future, and I am choosing to not do drugs to make that happen.”

The week is especially targeted towards elementary and intermediate students, but middle school and high school students are expected to act as the younger children’s role models by saying “no” to drugs and alcohol.

“This week is important for the kids because a lot of them might not have the best role models, and by saying no to drugs, we’re trying to help lead them in the right direction,” junior Christian Hernandez said.

A pep rally takes place at the elementary and intermediate campus. Athletes and club members have the chance to speak at it.

“I spoke for the Arabian volleyball team because I’m one of the captains,” senior Dana Aaron said. “I was glad I got chosen to speak to the little kids because I got to make a positive impact on their future by making sure they know not to do drugs.”