Dedication to barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying

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Dedication to barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying

Brianna Bowyer, Staff Writer

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From a seven year old girl to a senior in high school, Faith Edwards has competed in various rodeo events. Whether it’s barrel racing, pole bending or goat tying, Edwards enjoys it all.

Since she was three years old, horses have been a big part of Edwards’ life and have made a huge impact on her ever since. Riding is a way she can escape the world around her and define the person she is.

“I have always had a passion for horses,” Edwards said. “When I’m competing or even just riding, I feel like there are no worries in the world and everything in life is perfect.”

Barrel Racing is where a cloverleaf pattern of three barrels is set out in the arena for the rider to cleanly maneuver around and cross the finish line at top speeds.

“Racing around each barrel to beat the time is my favorite part of this event,” Edwards said.

Another event she participates in is Pole Bending. Six poles are fixed in a straight line and the horse and rider runs in a weaving, serpentine pattern around each pole in the shortest time possible.

“It is exciting to dance my way to the finish line at top speeds,” Edwards said.

One of Edwards’ favorite events is Goat Tying. A goat is staked on the other side of the arena, the objective is for the rider to race over to the goat and dismount their horse while still running. Then, the rider must take the goat and tie three of its legs together.

“This is by far one of my favorite events,” Edwards said. “I love the adrenaline that rushes through my body when I leap off my horse.”

Throughout her career so far, Edwards has claimed many awards for what she has done.

“I’ve won 13 saddles, 38 buckles and various amounts of money,” Edwards said. “I also qualified for Youth Worlds Finals seven times which is in Georgia.”

When it comes down to her biggest supporters, her parents are on top of the list.

“My biggest supporters are my parents because they have helped me through the process of getting to where I am today,” Edwards said. “They also haul me to my rodeos.”

Edwards has earned a scholarship from Cowboy Ross and is working for more. She will compete in next year’s San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo for a scholarship.

“Rodeo colleges come and watch to see how I am progressing,” Edwards said. “Then they decide on whether they give me a scholarship for their Rodeo team or not.”

She won’t stop here. Edwards plans to continue the rodeo life as a career in the future.

“I plan on going to college and majoring in Equine Science,” Edwards said. “From there, I hope to have my own rehab and training facility for horses.”

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