College comes quick

Madison Mata, Staff Writer

Thirteen years of school may seem like a lot, but once students start high school, they look back and realize how quickly time flies by.

Senior year can be the most stressful and eventful year of high school, because not only are students taking high school classes, but some are also taking college courses.

“I take Dual Credit English and U.S. Government,” senior Ashlyn Hudson said. “These classes are a lot more difficult because they’re not just advanced high school classes, they’re college courses that have a lot more homework.”

Classes aren’t the only things keeping seniors busy. Pep rallies, sports, band competitions, clubs and organizations are flooding most seniors’ schedules.

“Along with taking AP Biology and Calculus and Dual Credit English and U.S. Government, I play tennis, and I’m a member of the debate team,” senior Scarlett Smith said. “Some days, I have debate practice until 5:00 p.m., and tennis from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.”

Most colleges start accepting applications July 1.

“I was very antsy to apply,” senior Preslee Quisenberry said. “I applied as soon as I could to Texas Tech on July 1.”

Many students apply online using college websites. Some students use a website called Apply Texas to input the basic information needed for an application. The site transfers that data into the desired college applications and fills in the blanks.

“Since I was applying to more than one school, I used Apply Texas,” senior Karli Geyer said. “It made the process of applying to other colleges less complicated.”

Students can apply and be accepted to as many colleges as they want; however, they must choose one college to study at.

“I’ve applied to three colleges, and I’ve been accepted to one so far,” senior Amada Guardiola said. “I hope to become an actress, so the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts are two of my options.”

College majors can be decided at any point in time.

“I plan on studying nursing at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor,” senior Sierra Pompa said. “I enjoy helping people, especially sick people; you can help them while they’re at their lowest and make them better. It’s a very rewarding career that’s also hands on.”

Many students visit college campuses in order to get a feel of what they’re like and to help them decide if they want to attend.

“I was accepted into Texas Tech University, and visited a week after I got the letter,” senior Karlee Shelton said. “I thought the campus was beautiful. The environment was welcoming and I know a lot of people there, so that when I attend, I’ll have familiar faces to guide me.”

Seniors have a lot going on during their last year of high school. They have to focus on their school work, but also prepare for the next part of their lives.

“Sometimes senior year can feel non-existent because you are already focusing on getting things lined up for your next year at college,” senior Abigail Kohlleppel said. “I am excited to be attending Schreiner University next year, but I am enjoying every minute of senior year.”