First year fish

Alissa Stehle, Staff Writer

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As freshmen walk the new halls, complete assignments, get involved, and meet new teachers, they are experiencing something new, which could be scary but also exciting.   

Incoming freshmen have to learn how to adjust when entering their high school years. They learn who’s who, where things are and the new rules of the campus. Though it all seems scary, it can be very refreshing to have a change.

“I’m enjoying high school so far,” freshman Trey Rangel said. “I like that there’s more time during passing periods and it isn’t as strict as last year.”

Along with a new campus, there are many new extracurricular activities that are introduced. Sports, Drama Club, theatre, E-Sports, FFA, FCCLA, FCA, band, journalism and UIL are just some of the activities students can get involved in.

“I’m looking forward to getting involved in Drama Club, E-Sports, track, basketball, and maybe Art Guild,” freshman Marianna Huttson said. “They all seem like fun things to be involved in and I’d like to try them.”

Entering high school, there are more freedoms granted to students: backpacks, lunchtime freedoms, more opportunities to use technology, and a variety of classes.

“The days go by faster here, and you’re not involved in as much drama because you aren’t around the same people,” freshman Robby Elizondo said. “I also don’t feel as restricted because we have to take on more responsibility.”

Not only are there new activities, freedoms and clubs, but there are also more class options to choose from. Students have the choice to take regular, Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit classes as a high schooler.

“The classes are way more challenging,” freshman Riley Hagdorn said. “I like Mrs. Suhr because she helps me a lot on homework when I don’t understand something.”

The freshmen have the rest of the year to keep adjusting to the new classes, the environment, and to join more clubs.

“This year I’m looking forward to not being in as much drama,” freshman Bailey Crain said. “I’m also looking forward to making new friends and being involved in more student-related activities.”