Inspirational messages


Sophomore Madison Pike washes her hands in the newly decorated bathroom.

Karli Geyer, Staff Writer

Sophomore Madison Pike washes her hands in the newly decorated bathroom.

Female students are now welcomed in the restroom by positive sayings that are on the mirrors, stall doors, hand dryers and walls.

Encouraging sayings throughout the school have been a recent topic of discussion. Teachers Rosanne Lopez and Adrianna Segura were among the first to start this trend in the restroom in the Ag Building. Secretary Kerrie Harrell incorporated this idea into the main building.

“I figured it would be a good idea because the restroom is a common area for girls,” Mrs. Lopez said.

While the restroom is used for its regular purpose, sometimes it becomes more than that.

“The restroom is where girls spend a lot of time,” Mrs. Lopez said. “I want them to be reminded during those times that they are beautiful and loved, and I think the sayings really help convey that.”

The restroom is used by some students as a place to relax, gather their thoughts or get some time to themselves.

“A lot of times I go to the restroom just to get a break from the crazy classroom environment and seeing the sayings is really comforting and makes me feel more relaxed,” junior Sydnie Harrell said.

Students were surprised the first time they walked into the restroom since the sayings had been put up.

“I did not expect to see the quotes on the wall, but I really like the idea,” senior Scarlett Smith said. “I like that they are colorful and new.”

The quotes in the restroom have had a positive impact on students so far, making going to the restroom a more welcoming environment.

“I think it’s good to have the quotes in the restroom,” senior Karlee Shelton said. “It makes a seemingly uninviting area, inviting.”