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Headed to the Military

Hailey Darby, Staff Writer

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Here at DHS, we have many seniors trying to make decisions on how they will proceed with their future. While some are planning on taking the route of college, there are many of them that plan on honoring our country with the respectful duty of joining one of our military branches.

Senior Tyler Capps plans on going into the infantry of the U.S. Marines. He believes going into the Marines will give him the best chance at having a stable, never-ending career.

“So far, joining has been the best decision I have made and I can’t wait to leave for basic training in July,” Capps said. “I plan on making a career out of the Marines.”

In the military there are many different branches that all have there special roles, and offer different jobs these branches include; U.S. Coast Guard, Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Senior Tristan Cruz has decided to be join the National Guard and will be furthering his education to provide a better future for himself.

“I felt the National Guard would give me an opportunity to do schooling and a good opportunity to join active duty afterwards,” Cruz said. “It is allowing me to be able to join the green barrettes. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m getting a taste of both pies.”

While others find choosing a branch to join to be a difficult decision to make, others find it to be one of the easiest decisions they will ever make. They just let their heart decide, and they follow their hearts decision. This happened to be the case for senior Lillian Stricker upon her decision on joining the Navy.

“I knew it was what I wanted to do because the recruiter seemed to care the most about me,” Stricker said. “It also allows a lot of perks and gives me an even brighter future than I had before.”

Another senior that has planned on joining the military is senior Juan Sic. He has made the decision on going into the Navy. Sic believes that everyone should give the military a chance. He thinks the Navy will help to change his future for the better.

“In my opinion, the Navy offered a little bit more of what I wanted to do to broaden my future,” Sic said. “I feel that everyone should consider the military as a choice for after high school, because it opens more leeway for a better shot at being successful in life.”


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Hailey Darby, Staff Writer

Hi guys! My name is Hailey Elaine Darby and I'm a Junior at DHS! This is my first year on the newspaper staff. I'm also on the broadcast team, and yearbook...

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Headed to the Military