District to Regionals

Chesney Friesenhahn, Staff Writer

Both girls and boys tennis teams competed in the district tournament in Carrizo Springs on March 26-27. The Arabian team did exceptionally well, as well as the boys. Everybody on the girls team is moving on to regionals, as well as two boys doubles teams, two in boys singles, and lastly two mixed doubles teams.

“I got first in girls singles,” freshman Brooke Runyan said. “I was proud of my performance and I thought I competed well against the other girls.”

Not only was Runyan the district champ for the girls, but the freshmen led by example for the rest of the Arabians. Senior Lindsey Spannagel got second behind Runyan. The two Arabians even had to play each other for first place.

“I beat Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, and then I played Brooke and lost. I then had to do a play back with Crystal City and I won that match.” Spannagal said. “I gave it all I had, and I was happy with the outcome.”

The remaining girls doubles teams consists of junior Scarlett Smith and senior Lydia Zapata, who got first in district. Behind them was sophomore Malvin Flores and senior Chloe Serafin who got second place. For the boys doubles, the two that shined were junior Ralf Rios and sophomore Jake Harrel, who also got first as well.

“I think Jake and I got first because we know our strengths and weaknesses,” Rios said. “I think our strong friendship also helps us out on the court because it’s natural communicating with each other.”

The Warhorses and Arabians also competed well in mixed doubles. Junior Preslee Quisenberry and sophomore Toby Ramos ended on top for the boys and girls.

“Winning district was a great experience, and it was a lot of fun,” Quisenberry said. “I am excited for regionals on April 18-19.”