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It’s tradition

Abigail Kohlleppel, Managing Editor

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Many traditions take place among the band that are old and a few new ones have been added.

“Being a part of the band allows me to experience traditions that are fun and different,” sophomore Veronica Silva said. “My sister was in band, so it’s to be doing some of the traditions she did.”

A tradition that has been around for more than eight years is serenading a person on their birthday. This includes loud playing from mainly the percussion and low brass and the rest of the band trying to sing along.

“The baritone birthday crew’s plan is to always give tinnitus so you always remember your time in band,” junior Dylan Gonzales said. “It’s a great tradition that I hope never ends.”

Within the many sections of the band, section shirts are created. They sometimes have clever sayings on them and the section member’s names on the back. Section shirts have been a fun way to show section unity forever. Director of bands, Jeff Miller, remembers section shirts being a thing when he started teaching.

“Section shirts make me feel united with my section and are a way to show off what you are a part of,” junior Sara Moreno said. “This really allows the DHS band to be represented throughout Devine.”

Another way a section has fun is with section goody bags every game-day Friday. One person each week brings a bag full of candy, snacks, and little toys for everyone in the section. Celebrating Fridays this way has been like this forever also. Mr. Miller says that Devine has had the greatest interest in the bags and carrying on the tradition.

“I like the goody bag tradition,” freshman Jacob Barron said. “It makes Fridays fun and provides a way for our section to bond.”

A more serious tradition that takes place after every practice and performance is dismissal. The drum majors lead it and the band responds, then a specific group/person is called to say the last response and then the band ends it with responding “DHS pride!”

“I feel like our dismissal really unites the band,” sophomore Clarissa Maldonado said. “Being drum major allows me to partake in dismissal even more.”
A newer tradition within the band is when the Symphonic Winds play the song A Christmas Festival every year for the past 4 years at their Christmas concert. It’s a compilation of Christmas songs arranged by Leroy Anderson.

“Christmas Festival is challenging,” freshman Laurel Spannagel said. “I feel like the tradition of playing this is earned and it feels great to be a part of it.”

The most recent tradition the band has started is earning a division one rating at the UIL Region 11 Marching Contest. They have earned this superior rating for the past three years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“The tradition of receiving a division one rating began my freshman year,” junior Dulce Rodriguez said. “It makes me feel proud that I am a part of this tradition.”

Whether it’s a tradition that began almost a decade ago or a newer one, the band sure knows how to keep them alive.

“This is my last year, which means this is my last year participating in the traditions,” senior Courtney Bryant. “These make me feel unified and that I am a part of something bigger than myself.”

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It’s tradition