Fall festival happenings


Addison Trojanowski, Editor-in-Chief

Decorated floats, booths, and thousands of people crowded the streets of Devine on Sat, Nov. 7. The Fall Festival came to town for the 57 year in a row.


“I get excited when the festival comes to town. I have always enjoyed parades, and being apart of one makes it that much better, ” junior Abigail Kohlleppel


The festival was hosted at the Devine Community Center and Driscoll Public Library. The carnival portion of the festival began on Thursday, Nov 2 and carried on through Sat, Nov 4.


“I think the carnival is a great experience. It is a chance to have fun and bond with friends and family,” senior Makenna Morales said. “My favorite ride was the Scat and I love to see all the little kids go on the rides.”


One of the most entertaining parts of the festival is the parade. The parade began at 10 am on Sat morning. Some of the organizations that had floats in the parade were, The Arabian Volleyball, The Devine Warhorses, Devine FFA Chapter, Queen’s Court, and Cross country.


“Our FFA team worked really hard on this float,” senior Ashley Robles said. We had so much fun. We loved seeing all the smiles on the kid’s faces during the parade.”


Another portion of the festival were the booths set up in the parking lot of the public library. Devine FCCLA had a booth called, “Farm To Classroom.” The booth had been organized by junior Abigail Kohlleppel and senior Emily Kohlleppel.


“The objective of our booth was to promote our farm to classroom project and to find out which age level would react best to or concept,” Emily Kohlleppel said. “We had to research craft ideas, create and paint posters, and make sure the games and activities we played were age appropriate.”


Every float, shop, and event was set up with intentions of making the fall festival as successful as possible.

Science club members Alissa Stehle, Ralph Rios, Dulce Rodriguez, and Juan Sic mix “oobleck” at the festival.

“You could really tell that people spent a lot of time working hard to make sure this festival was a success,” senior Paige Pickell said. “It turned out great, and everyone enjoyed it.”