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Freshman Hopes

Chesney Friesenhahan, Elizabeth Puente, Staff Writers

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High school is usually the fastest four years of a students life. Friends come and go, grades will drop or raise but their hopes and dreams seem to turn out to be the same.


“When I graduate from high school I plan on attending the University of Washington, and my goal study either education or engineering,” freshman Aaron Freas said. “People say that high school goes by fast, but it doesn’t scare me, I’m excited.”


Thoughts on college are normally brought up during freshman year. Students try to determine what they want to do when they get older, who they aspire to be and where they want to go in life.

“I always thought about going to Texas A&M Univeristy, and my goal has always been become a trauma surgeon,” freshman Megan Runyan said. “I always enjoyed the thought of helping others out when they need it the most.”


Students also stress on the idea of knowing exactly what they want to do with their future, the thought of picking a major, a career path, or having an idea of what to do with the rest of his or her lives can be scary.


“The thought of growing up is scary because I don’t want to grow up too fast,” freshman Allyson Taylor said. “I know high school goes by fast because I saw how fast my sisters high school career went by.”
Although it high school does go by fast, these students still have the next four years ahead of them to get good grades, nurture friendships, plan ahead, set goals, and to be as ambitious as possible during their lives.


“I either want to go to Texas Tech University, University of Texas, or Texas A&M University to be a pediatrician,” Taylor said.

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Freshman Hopes