Keeping the tradition

Elizabeth Puente, Staff Writer

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Starting in Burleson Texas in 1990, See You At The Pole has been in action all around the world at 7 a.m. in every time zone.

“Being there was a great atmosphere,” freshman Megan Runyan said. “I plan on attending through out the rest of high school.”

Students will be gathering around the pole every Wednesday morning to pray for their family, friends, and the country.

“See You At The Pole was very emotional for me this year,” junior Alissa Stehle said. “Praying in the circle and feeling God’s love overwhelmed me with joy and love from everyone that participated.”

See you at the pole encourages students to find new ways to get involved with their community and their school as well as making new friends who share the same beliefs.

Three freshmen girls stand hand in hand as they pray at See You at the Pole.

“It was a great experience,” junior Karli Geyer said. “I’m extremely happy that some of my friends who didn’t attend last year, came this year.”

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