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Destiny Yanez, Staff-writer

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Mrs. Raye-Lynn Jackson held the FCCLA STAR tryouts in her room on Wednesday, Oct. 14. In these STAR events, the students go and compete with other schools on different topics about safety.

“Our topic is car safety, we are the Super Safety Squad and we are going to dress up as super heroes,” senior Katelyn Whitley said.

Being in these events takes a lot of work and time. From setting up the materials to practicing so it will turn out right. It also helps out tremendously towards the students’ futures.

“It’ll help me develop my characteristics and skills that I can use in my future,” senior Mariah Romero said.

Regionals will be held in Corpus Christi, Texas on Feb. 12 and 13. If they get in the top six at Regionals they advance to state, which is in Dallas, Texas and then if they get top two at state they advance to Nationals, which is in San Diego, California.

“I am really excited for this years STAR events,” Whitley said. “I usually do really well and I hope this year I will continue to do well.”

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