Warhorse meet and greet

Sarena Rios, Staff-writer

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Last week the varsity Warhorses and Arabians traveled to the Intermediate to have the Annual Warhorse Meet and Greet.

“We ate lunch with the kids, signed autographs, and high-fived everyone as the walked in. It was a lot of fun,” senior Louis Perez.

At such a young age the Varsity Warhorses and Arabians become a sort of role model to the children.

“It’s an awesome feeling,” senior Christian Delgado said. “I remember when we were that young, and we looked up to the varsity teams. And to get the same reaction was really nice,”

Just gracing the children with their presence for a short time can go a long ways, and it showed just that on Friday.

“Seeing the kids faces was truly priceless, I am so glad that I had the chance to have that experience,” senior Allison Sostarich said.

The truth of the matter is that these kids will soon be the stars of the shows whether it is on the court or on the field.

“I hope the kids understand how much potential they have, and to keep the Devine Tradition alive,” senior Miguel Estrada said.

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