Powderpuff Volleyball

Victoria R. Hernandez, Staff Writer

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Laughter, sweat, and even a little tears accompanied this year’s powder puff volleyball game. The juniors and seniors duked it out on the court Wed., April 16. The game that was simply a Project Graduation fundraiser for the seniors suddenly turned into a fierce competition between the upperclassmen.

“It was fun playing with my classmates,” junior Joe Guerrero said. “It’s always a good time to play with the people that you grew up with.”

Game after agonizingly close game, the senior boys finally took home the winning title, winning two out of three games.

“Playing volleyball with the juniors was intense but enjoyable,” senior Eric Trogden said. “A lot of trash talk and jokes were said leading up to the game, but in the end it was all fun and games.”

After said fun and games were over, the MVP for seniors and juniors were announced. The MVP for the  seniors was Joe-Matthew Guajardo and juniors was John Tilley.

“It was really exciting being able to play volleyball with the seniors, even though they beat us,” junior Kutter Schmidt said. “We will be ready for the upcoming juniors next year.”

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