Powerlifting team starts season with largest group in 5 years

Paige Williamson, Business Editor

With 50 students on the powerlifting team, they are working together putting in about 18 hours a week towards larger weight goals that they are setting for the 2020 season.

“This is the biggest team we have had in the past five years,” Coach Paul Gomez said. “I am hoping we can take several boys and girls to regionals and a couple of boys and girls to state.”

Practices have begun for the powerlifting team, as they get ready for the 2020 meets. Individual lifters are working towards adding pounds to their total lifting amount.

“I feel great about this year because I am a lot more confident than when I first started powerlifting,” senior Felicity Diaz said. “Since I made it to regionals last year, my goal is to make it back. I am aiming to be able to lift 335 pounds on squat, 190 pounds on bench and 350 pounds on deadlift.”

As freshmen join, new goals are made throughout the season as they gain experience and knowledge with each meet and practice.

“I am working towards getting stronger and progressing through out the year,” freshman Nadia Rodriguez said. “I am working towards adding 60 pounds to my bench, 70 pounds to my squat and 30 more pounds to my incline. I am looking forward to getting to compete and getting to know how each competition works.”

For many that have gone to regionals, they are working to push past old weight limits and qualify for state.

“One of my biggest goals for this year is definitely getting to state,” junior Khali Key said. “The last two years I have made it to regionals and have been less than 50 pounds from state. I am also really looking forward to how strong our team is going to be this year.”