Last track season

Seniors set goal for another District Championship

Kadence Yeats, Staff Writer

For many runners, this will be their last time hearing the blank gun shot to signal off their races, as this year will be the last time seniors run as a Devine Arabian or Warhorse.

“I’ve been running track since seventh grade, I didn’t know that my last year would come this fast,” senior Esperanza Mendoza said.

Since this will be their last year, Head Track Coach Lon Cozby wants to make this last run for the seniors count.

“The seniors this year have a lot potential, and I really want them to push themselves to do the best that they can like I know they can do,” Cozby said.

Last year, the Devine Arabian and Warhorse Track and Field teams claimed the District Championship and are running for it again.

“I want to make this year great and accomplish personal and team goals,” senior Jayce Hackebeil said. “I definitely want to advance further than just District Champs maybe even State.”

After school practices have started for the athletes to get them into shape physically and mentally.

“The workouts have been really easy, but they will progressively get more difficult throughout the season,” senior Isaiah Oropeza said. “We are putting in a lot of work now so that when it counts the most later in the season, it will show.”

The workouts are categorized into four phases.

“The runners start out in phase one which are the easier workouts and will progress to phase four which are the more challenging workouts,”Cozby said. “By the time they reach phase four, they will be able to compete to the best of their ability.”

The athletes have been working to become stronger as a whole and individually.

“I see a lot of motivation and effort in the kids in every practice,” Coach Devin Rotramel said. “I know that it’s going to pay off in the end.”