First athlete signs to continue sports in college

Gutierrez commits to play softball at Coastal Bend


Senior Isabella Gutierrez

Clarissa Zamora, Staff Writer

After receiving multiple offers to different colleges, senior Isabella Gutierrez chose to further her education and softball career with Coastal Bend college.

“I had a lot of schools interested in me and a total of three schools that offered me something,” Gutierrez said. “It was difficult choosing just one place because I did not want to make the wrong decision for my softball career.”

Gutierrez has been playing softball since she was a child playing with the Devine Little League Association. Along with playing Little League, she has played on several select softball teams and has taken pitching lessons since she was 8 years old.

“I have been playing softball basically my whole life,” Gutierrez said. “This past year, I played with two select teams, and I usually help local teams that need a pitcher or an extra player.”

Playing on select teams helped get her noticed outside of high school softball. It made it easier for college coaches to go watch Gutierrez play since she traveled farther than district games.

“Bella has worked hard to get to this point,” Coach Kailyn Rotramel said. “She’s played on multiple teams and proven her talent. I’m proud her hard work has paid off.”

Coastal Bend College offered a full scholarship, while the other schools offered to pay for only her dorm and meal plan.

“It wasn’t about how much they were offering me that made me choose Coastal Bend,” Gutierrez said. “I just want to go to a college that will help me improve my softball career so I can transfer to a university and keep playing.”

Gutierrez signed Dec. 4, making her the first signing of this school year. She invited all of her friends, teachers and family to help her celebrate this new journey.

“I feel really proud of her because she worked hard to get where she’s at right now,” junior Isellia Gutierrez said. “I’m happy for her because she’s doing what she loves the most.”