Working toward state

XC girls try to return for second consecutive year


Clarissa Zamora, Staff Writer

After a successful season last year, the girls’ cross-country team has set a goal to make it back to state. Last year, the entire varsity team, eight girls, placed 12th in the state meet.

“I’m not letting the thought of getting to state last year make me satisfied on where I’ve gotten,” junior Brianna Bowyer said. “I’m taking each practice and meet one step at a time to better myself and my teammates, and hopefully give us an advantage to make it to state or place higher than last year.”

The team has been working on getting a lot of mileage in at the beginning of the season so they can learn how to conserve their energy in their two-mile races.

“Our times aren’t where they were last year,” junior Brooke Runyan said. “With a positive mindset and teamwork, I know we can do it in the long run.”

Along with winning the first two meets, the Arabians have been one of the top four finishers in the other meets.

“After winning the first two meets, I feel very confident that we have showed people what we’re made of,” sophomore Kelli Geyer said. “We are ready to take on anything thrown our way and take on the season.”

The team is working hard and putting in the extra work it takes to make it back to state. They are prepared to do what it takes to make history for Devine again.

“We are working very hard to get back to state,” sophomore Audrey Longoria said. “In our practices, we are all trying to reach new peaks and beat the times that we are running right now in order to do better than last year.”