Hard work year round

Kaylah Hollembeak, Staff Writer

To give athletes an extra opportunity to keep in shape and improve during their off-season, the athletic program created a “camp” where athletes can come in before school and workout.

“I think this camp is a great opportunity,” sophomore Jeanette Rios said. “It gives us an opportunity to stay in shape and better ourselves.”

Camp started the last week of February and has began every morning at 7:15 and athletes are released to get dressed and ready for school before the bell to first period.

“It’s hard to get dressed before school after working out because we are worn out and sweaty,” sophomore John Shnautz said. “I know it’s worth it though because I’m preparing myself for football season.”

During camp athletes participate in a variety of workouts such as ladders, bleachers, boxes, running, pulling sleds and ab workouts.

“Sleds are my favorite workout,” sophomore Robert Ramirez said. “They help build my core and leg strength which betters me for baseball and football.”

This workout camp will be ending at the end of April.

“I’m sad it’s so close to being over,” Ramirez said. “I’m leaving with pride though because I know we all are walking away stronger and better athletes than we were two months ago.”