Track season approaches

Runners make new goals for the year

Madison Mata, Staff Writer

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With track season right around the corner, runners, throwers and jumpers began practicing after school in preparation.

“I’m excited about this season because I’m trying to beat my personal records from last year,” sophomore Allison Stevens said. “This year I started getting in shape earlier because I made track one of my top priorities.”

In practice, there are a variety of drills that have been introduced to freshmen runners.

“We parachute run, push sleds and do ab and shin workouts every day,” freshman Aleyna Gerlach said. “My favorite part is the ab and shin workouts because we do it as a group, which makes it more fun.”

The track team is going to attend the St. Mary’s Hall Relays on Feb. 16.

“This meet will give all runners the opportunity to compete on relays and work for a goal as a team,” Head Track Coach Khera Vay said. “Even the field events are partnered up for points. It’ll also show us coaches what they are capable of, and get them excited for the season.”

Several seniors on the team have been a part of Devine Track and Field since freshmen year, including senior Andrew Zapata, who is a varsity hurdler.

“I’m really sad for this to be my last year doing my favorite sport,” Zapata said. “I’ve been really devoted to end my high school career giving it my all and doing the best I possibly can.”

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