Track gets early start

Brooke DuBose, Staff Writer

Practice makes perfect, that is why track is getting a head start this year by starting after school practices almost two months earlier than usual.

“This year I wanted to get a head start to benefit everyone,” Coach Khera Vay said. “I feel like starting earlier than usual helps to prepare everyone mentally and physically. I want what’s best for all the runners.”

Many of the track athletes are very thankful for the opportunity to begin practices early.

“Coach Vay is preparing us extra early for the season,” sophomore Brooke Runyan said. “It will show greatly in our times and in our distance. She’s giving us workouts that focus on strength. After the break we will be working more towards speed and endurance.”

For some athletes, off season is a great way to continue to build muscle and exercise while also going to after school practices.

“I feel like also being in off season and going to the practices after school is going to be a big improvement in strength and agility,” sophomore Autumn Miller said. “I’m excited that we are starting practices early and am ready for the season to begin.”

Last year, senior Andrew Zapata advanced to state in the 110 meter hurdles.  With all of the extra preparation and hard work in practices, hopes of advancing again are high.

“This year Coach Vay and I are focusing mainly on my blocks to the first hurdle for the 110 hurdles,” Zapata said. “All of my bad races last year were because of a bad start. I like that we’re starting practice early this year. We’re mainly just stretching and doing ab workouts. Every successful track athlete has a strong core and is flexible so I’m glad we’re working on that early in the season.”

Track season can never start too early according to Coach Vay, and every athlete is getting stronger and improving every practice. 

“Every year, we try to do as much as we can to improve and better every athlete. I have a feeling that this year we will do great things because of all of the time and effort put into all of the practices.”  Coach Vay said. “Seeing everyone practice hard every day makes me feel like I’m doing my job right. Every second doing what I love with the athletes I care most about makes all of the time spent worth it.”